Rejuvenating Peels

Rejuvenating Peels

$25 – $50

Lactic Acid / Antioxidant Peel

A light peel that is great for all skin types. This light peel is great for all skin types. This non-stinging treatment combines lactic acid, green tea, and vitamins, leaving the skin brightened and plump with hydration.

Glycolic / Antioxidant Peel

Combines glycolic acid with protective antioxidants and vitamins. It leaves the skin with a refreshed, more “dewey” look without the downtime of the stronger chemical peels.

Vitamin C Peel

Gives all the benefits of glycolic acid, ascorbic acid, and Kojic acid, resulting in glowing skin that looks tighter, more hydrated and reduces uneven pigmented skin. This peel works best when combined with microdermabrasion.

Modified Jessner’s Peel

This peel diminishes lines, reduces pore size, evens skin tone, and smooths texture. Jessner’s peels have relatively little downtime. This treatment can be used on the chest and hands as well.

TCA Peel 10%

For those who want the fastest and most dramatic improvement. This peel helps with age spots, acne, wrinkles, sun damage, shallow scars, pre-cancerous growths, and hyper-pigmentation. This treatment can also be used on the neck, arms, chest, and hands. This peel may require some downtime.