Healthy Skin in No Time!

It seems we are all running on a fast track these days. From the moment we get out of bed in the morning until we finally get to put our heads on that lovely and most welcomed pillow at the end of the day we are in constant motion. Our days are filled with meetings, phone calls, project deadlines and taking care of the family. Somehow we are supposed to squeeze in 30 minutes a day for a walk and strength exercises, too! It’s no wonder, my clients tell me they don’t have the time or energy to take proper care of their skin. Well, I am here to give you Skincare 101 on how you can do just that in only 5 minutes. Here are the basic steps anyone can follow and then enjoy all the compliments you will receive on your beautiful complexion.

5-Minute AM Regimen

  • Step one: Cleanse – you can do this in the shower since you were more than likely going to be there anyway.
  • Step two: Apply a Vitamin C cream or serum – this will fight those nasty free-radicals in your skin that are responsible for wrinkles and skin cancer. Everyone over the age of 25 needs a Vitamin C product. These products come in several different strengths. Start with 10% and build up to 15 or 20% over time.
  • Step three: Eye cream – apply sparingly. Because the skin around the eye is so much thinner, you must use a cream that is specifically formulated not to clog pores or make the eyes look puffy.
  • Step four: Moisturizer/sunscreen -. We’re trying to save steps here so look for a sunscreen that has hydraters in it, such as nayad or hyalauronic acid, that will moisturize your skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.

That’s it and it only took 5 minutes!

Your PM skin regimen can be even more streamlined:

  • Step one: Cleanse
  • Step two: Use a night cream that contains retinol or an exfoliant such as glycolic, salicyticor any number of other acids that are easily found in products today. This will improve your skin texture and give you a healthy glow. These products come in various percentages of active ingredients and, therefore, give varied results.
  • Step three: Eye cream

So, there you have it. This is a routine that can be done by anyone no matter how crunched you are for time. Being consistent is the most important key to great skin . If you want to step up your results, you can always apply an appropriate mask once a week.

Cosmetic packaging is designed to sell products. Seeing a skin care specialist is the most effective way to ensure you are buying and properly using the best products for your skin type.